Winter Fairies


She ran and ran as fast as her 8-year-old legs could possibly move. She had to catch up to the fairies!

Pre-order your copy now at Artists Underground.

Written by April Parissa Fifield, Winter Fairies is a delightful and spirited book about a child who discovers fairies dancing in the snow flurries. It is about the magic and wonder of Winter as seen through the eyes of a very special little girl.

For every purchase, we will donate a second copy of this book to a school and library.

Winter Fairies is targeted for release in February 2014.

Pre-order your copy now at Artists Underground.

Excerpt from Winter Fairies

“The child was 8 years old with long, red lockets that fell to her shoulders in loose curls. Her green, flashing eyes missed nothing.

She was in the 3rd grade — but to her mind, she could have done without all of the schooling. You see, school did not hold her interest when there were so many other things she could be learning and doing in the world. She had no trouble speaking her mind or involving the other students in things other than the planned lesson before her. Her teacher would define her as “distracted” and “distracting”.

Her parents would describe her as “a handful”, due to her spirited ways. She was stubborn in her determinisms and loud when she protested another’s intention to make her do what they wanted her to do when she didn’t want to do it. But her parents loved her dearly and deep down, and her mother was very proud of her daughter’s ability to stand up for herself and others.

To her friends she was “brave” and “fun”. Playing with her was a blast! Her friends never knew from one day to the next what game or role they would be playing. They could be circus talent one day and pirates the next. They could be firemen fighting a huge forest fire or explorers of some far-off planet. Whatever the game, they played out their roles in the adventures with all of their hearts, with a passion which seemed to stem from the child. She was electrifying! You either kept up with her or fell by the wayside, as she passionately believed in whatever part she played in her own created adventures.

The child had an innate ability to communicate with animals, no matter the kind, wild or domestic. She just seemed to know what they needed and she respected that. Mostly the wild animals wanted to be left alone and this was disappointing to her since she wanted to pet them and hang out with them. She seemed to forever be finding hurt birds, squirrels — even a baby fox once — to bring home to mend. She would know just what to do to help each animal.

Sometimes her parents scolded for bringing home these animals, but that didn’t stop her. She’d simply state that the animal was sick or hurt and that she couldn’t possibly leave it on its own to suffer. What would her parents think of her then? At this, the scolding would subside and then what choice would her parents have but to help her with the mending?

“Distracted”, “distracting”, “a handful, “brave” or “fun — I would call the child a dreamer, a visionary, a leader. Though only 8 years old, her keen observations and conclusions were beyond her years.

Maybe that is why she experienced the sighting of the fairies!”

Pre-order your copy now at Artists Underground.


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